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Who We Are

My idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects.

Brainy Blooms is Best Internationa school in Pondicherry. It welcomes children from all background. We, at Brainy Blooms, believe that a child's friendly atmosphere is essential for learning. We use innovative methods to make learning enjoyable and meaningful. Framework of our academic and co – curricular activities are carefully planned and implemented to ensure holistic development of child's personality to prepare them for responsible adulthood. Through integrating progressive methods of education we strive to prepare children for their career by developing into bright, aware, responsible, and confident individual.


Fresh & Clean

We provide a clean and green atmosphere.we have auro drinking water system. Our campus is a Eco –friendly campus.


We have committed staffs to provide our students with quality educational experiences, integrating curriculum content with real world experiences.

Safety & Security

Our school provides certified police officers who help to maintain the school’s safe learning environment, improve school/law enforcement collaboration..

Transport Facility

School bus service is available for students. The school has arranged transport facility in a radius of 10 Kms for the convenience of the students.

Parents Meeting

A parent-teacher conference is a meeting between you and your child's teacher to discuss your child's progress in school.


The School has good sports facilities, which include Opportunities for team games and physical training are facilitated by trained physical instructors and yoga teachers.

Extra Curricular Activities

We mould every child and bring out their talents by providing extra activities like yoga, chess, karatae, music,guitar, keyboard and also in educational activities..

Special Events

The Montessori School offers special events and education opportunities throughout the year to heighten the learning experience and sense of community..

What Makes Us the Best CBSE School in Pondicherry?

Step on to the bright future...

We believe every child is a unique individual with varying needs, and we welcome the diversity that brings to our centers. All children and families deserve to be full members of their communities, to have the opportunity for development and learning, and to experience a sense of belonging

Making Your Child’s World Better

Brainy blooms supports inclusion by providing access to our world-class curriculum programs, embracing inclusive participation in our programs, and offering support to our educators through training and consultation by our Education and Inclusion Services teams.

There is tomorrow inside....

Brainy blooms offers students a warm and secure environment that is conducive to enriching learning experiences. Our teachers provide quality programs that cater for each child as an individual and we promote and encourage the philosophy of lifelong learning. All of our teachers live by the school banner statement ‘Our community: a culture of care, respect and enrichment’.


Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.


Brainy Blooms L'Ecole Internationale CBSE Senior Secondary School,
Thirukkanur to Mannadipet Road,
Puducherry - 605 501.

Phone Number

(0413)-2680068 | 8220530068

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