CBSE Affiliation No. :2930017
cbse School in Pondichery

Chairman Message

N.Arun Kumar M.Tech., B.Ed.,LLB


Brainy Blooms Group of Schools

Hearty Welcome into the Brainy Blooms Family!

Please do run an eye over our school website merrily 😀

We are sure you would find it a pleasantly serendipitous and worthwhile experience. It could well turn out to be a defining moment in your life – yes, we are confident that the details you see here will persuade you to place your child under our care – gifting him/her an international quality education that shall be fabulously enriching and empowering in many ways.

During the course of my journey through education, career and life, I hit upon a profound truth: anybody can achieve success with the right setting that includes motivation, step-by- step guidance, conscious nurturing that soft-pushes one to discover and actualize the innate potential.

This golden nugget inspired me to dream of an institution that would be a paradise of learning for learners from all backgrounds, providing the right ambience and guidance to help them blossom as strong and successful individuals with impeccable moral credentials.

Brainy Blooms L’ecole Internationale is THAT DREAM which has come TRUE.

At Brainy Blooms, we strive incessantly to provide a rich and kaleidoscopic of scholastic and co-scholastic experience that enable our students to script a life of excellence, success, glory and nobility.

Our teaching-learning processes are backed by various time-tested pedagogical precepts and practices, including The Multiple Intelligences Theory, Laws of Learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, to cite a few.

We also extensively draw from life-transforming concepts such as CoC-CoI, The 7 Habits, The Power of 7, Transactional Vs Transformational Leadership and so on, to enable our learners to evolve as tomorrow’s leaders. We earnestly wish to see our students grow up into remarkably successful individuals, with roots in Indian Ethos, while armed with a global perspective.

In a nutshell, your child’s success is our success.

Come, step in to our school campus.

To discover more.

And to gift a mesmerizingly metamorphic educational experience to your precious child.

Carpe diem & God Bless!


Brainy Blooms L'École Internationale Senior Secondary - CBSE School,
Thirukkanur to Mannadipet Road,
Puducherry - 605 501.