CBSE Affiliation No. :2930017
cbse School in Pondichery

About our School

There are many schools, but we have one goal, to enable you to Rise.

Brainy Blooms is a co-educational English medium school. It welcomes children from all background. We, at Brainy Blooms, believe that a child's friendly atmosphere is essential for learning. We use innovative methods to make learning enjoyable and meaningful. The framework of our academic and co-curricular activities are carefully planned and implemented to ensure holistic development of child's personality to prepare them for responsible adulthood. Through integrating progressive methods of education we strive to prepare children for their career by developing into bright, aware, responsible, and confident individual.

We shive to promote strength, tolerance, idealism and a desire to share and save society. We mainly focus to develop a child in Spoken English, Basic mannerism and Discipline. we mould our children to participate in National, International competitions like olympics where they can place a high record and to service for the nations.


We are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) New Delhi(Upto to Senior Secondary Level).CBSE Affiliation No. :2930017


Brainy Blooms L'Ecole Internationale CBSE Senior Secondary School,
Thirukkanur to Mannadipet Road,
Puducherry - 605 501.